Venue Guide

Discover the Joys of Marine Leisure!
An Array of Motorboats, Sailboats and PWCs at Both Venues

The Japan International Boat Show 2017 will be held at the Pacifico Yokohama and the Yokohama Bayside Marina. At the two venues, visitors will find displays of new and exciting motorboat and sailboat models.

*Please refrain from bringing pets to either venue, with the exception of guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs and service dogs.
*Please use public transportation to get to the show venues.



Pacifico Yokohama

In addition to the many displays of the latest motorboat and sailboat models from the exhibitors, visitors will find a wealth of information available about ways to enjoy the marine lifestyle. There will also be a new Yacht Village area, the PWC World area displaying personal watercraft models of leading manufacturers, and a Marine Lifestyle Zone with displays of apparel and other accessories for the marine life. These exhibits present the wide-ranging appeal of marine leisure and spending time on the water. On the event stage, educational talks about the basics of boating, presentations of fun marine activities and other information are planned in order to offer helpful support for people’s marine life.


Photos from the 2016 Boat Show


Yokohama Bayside Marina

There will be around 50 primarily larger motorboats and sailing cruisers docked on the water at the Yokohama Bayside Marina. The display boats will be open for visitors to actually come aboard (except some models).


Photos from the 2016 Boat Show